Memento [v1, i1]

Adventures in Vanoree: V. 1, July Issue 1 There was a curious asymmetry to the lives of the folk of Vanoree, those toolmakers that the realmborn called the Vath—City builders and ship sailors, puzzlers of things and namers of others.  The asymmetry was this: That often they knew when they were about to do somethingContinue reading “Memento [v1, i1]”

Continuity (Mini) Journal Post #5

Hey! I wanted to take a minute to talk about…well, all the things that I’ve talked about up until now. A lot of it has been about the specifics of my world building process, and the magic system; but the thing is, I’m kind of working on all of this constantly. Even once I actuallyContinue reading “Continuity (Mini) Journal Post #5”

Magic System Journal Post #4

Creating the magic system for the Three Realms has been a long and rambling process, but at the end of all the iterating I landed on a concept that I think works really well.  There are a tremendous number of resources out there for how to create magic systems, nearly endless articles and discussions andContinue reading “Magic System Journal Post #4”